Braid Filter (v1)

The Braid Filter Indicator was first introduced in 2006 by a man named Robert Hill, also known as “Mr.Pips” in Stocks and Commodities Magazine. By the way, Mr. Hill created the first version of this indicator. Over the years, coders created subsequent versions and added modifications. The “braid” is formed by line intersections based on various types of moving averages.
Manufacturer: nt8indicators

Braid Filter Indicator is an indicator that is classified as an oscillator and can effectively identify buy and sell trends. This indicator is classified as a “confirmation indicator,” which means it serves as an initial checkpoint after the baseline indicator has provided you with a foundational signal. Additionally, the original Braid Filter is a “below chart” indicator. The indicator appears in a separate trading window as three colored signal lines. Braid Filter Indicator may alert you when the trend is about to reverse. This technical indicator can help scalpers and day traders. The Braid Filter Indicator can be used as an additional trading signals indicator with any existing trading strategy or system.

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Braid Filter (v1) User Manual

This is the user Manual for Braid (v1) filter indicator

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Developed by psychologist and trader Alexander Elder, it was first published in his 1993 book, “Trading for a Living”. This indicator is an oscillator that swings between 1 and -1 and can be qualified as a zero cross by combining both price movement and volume. It has the added advantage of displaying a neutral zone where no significant bull or bear “force” exists, and the market has no distinct direction. This area is between -0.05 and +0.05 as noted on the indicator levels.

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