Share Services

In Ninjatrader 8, custom Share Services can be used in order to enable users to share content from the NinjaTrader application to various websites and social media networks via the Sharing Services dialog. NinjaTrader 8 comes pre-configured with Share Services for Twitter, StockTwits, and an E-Mail adapter.

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Telegram Share Service

Telegram ShareService is the easiest way for you to receive alarms or notifications from Ninjatrader on your Telegram Group, on Mobile or Desktop. The Telegram ShareService for Ninjatrader 8 was developed for several purposes, but mùainly for those who are willing to setup signal groups. With Telegram Share service, you can easily share indicators alerts, orders alert (open, close, TP/SL), or NinjaTrader alerts. It is highly integrable inside your strategies.

Discord Share Service

Share your alerts in Discord Channel