Kijun Sen

Kijun Sen is one of the most important lines of the ichimoku kinko hyo. Kijun Sen represents the average point of the last 26 periods. It is the average of the highest and lowest of the last 26 periods (last 26 candlesticks). The Kijun Sen forms steps. These landings are commonly called "Kijun flats". Kijun flats are important levels of support or resistance. Kijun Sen flats represent the 50% retracement level. Kijun Sen flat is equal to the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. In a trend phase (not in a range period) it is often relevant to consider buying or selling during pullbacks on the Kijun Sen.
Manufacturer: nt8indicators

On its own, Kijun-sen shows the midpoint price for the last 26 periods. Similar to a moving average, when the price is above the base line it indicates the price is above the midpoint and therefore short-term price momentum is up. This is further confirmed if the Kijun-sen line is angled upwards.

When the price is below the base line, and especially if Kijun-sen is angled downwards, that indicates price momentum is to the downside as the price is below the 26-period midpoint. While 26-periods is typically used for this calculation, this can be altered to suit individual preference. A smaller number of periods, such as 15, will track the price more closely. A larger number of periods, such as 45, will not track the price as closely.

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